Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College is a multi-faith school, based on sound principles of mutual respect for all. The school, home and the wider community role-players must participate in complimentary roles in the child’s life. It is therefore desirable for both parents to be committed and active members of the school community. This is a multi-faith school, and therefore while it is not necessary to belong to any specific faith based community, our belief and value systems are based on mutual respect for your fellow citizens.

Students of the school are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the school day. They will not be compelled to participate in activities that are in direct conflict with their community-based or faith-based beliefs. We are global citizens and need to develop tolerance and respect for all from early on.

On entering the school, parents must sign a fees contract with Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College, indicating acceptance of Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College Philosophy and Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

Failure to indicate acceptance of our policies will result in the application being cancelled.

On entering the school, the parent of the learner must supply a transfer card from the previous school, if applicable.

In the event of a learner entering the school mid-year, all portfolio and class work from the previous school must be provided. This is not negotiable.


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