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January 2018

Dear Parents


Welcome back to school after a lengthy break and we are all looking forward to another academic year.  I hope that you have had a good time and that the year ahead promises to be kind to all of us. The first term is a busy term, with many activities. Please consult the year planner and diarise school activities so that we are able to ensure a successful term. Staff will be sending out fortnightly communication to you informing and reminding you of programmes and events scheduled to take place.

We have new families that have joined our school community and we want to welcome them and trust that they will be happy at our school. If there are any concerns or suggestions we would welcome your inputs.


Emergency cards have been distributed to all our learners. Please ensure that these are completed and sent back to the school. I am aware that as a school, we often inundate you with numerous requests to fill-out forms; however, these are essential in our ability to keep you informed of your child’s academic progress, well-being and the sporting and cultural activities in the life of a school.

Extra-curricular Programme (Grade 1-5)

Note that team trials will take place in the week of Monday 22 January 2018 for tennis and swimming from Grade 1 to 5. This is aimed at strengthening our sporting codes to enable us to participate and play against other schools. These team matches will be arranged on a “friendly” basis with other schools.

Those learners who do not make a particular sporting team will be able to play socially in these sports and will receive coaching to enable them to improve and progress towards team playing.

Below is a table indicating the days on which the team trials will take place between 14: 00 to 15: 00. Please ensure that learners come to school with the correct sport attire.



Sporting Code

Monday 22 Jan. & Wednesday 24 Jan.

Grade 1 to 5


Tuesday 23 Jan.

Grade 3 to 5


Thursday 25 Jan.

Grade 1 to 2



For the first term Grade R learners will be able to participate in the “Learn to Swim” programme on a Tuesday and Thursday from the week starting 29 January 2018.

Late Coming

Please ensure that learners arrive at school on time. School starts promptly at 7: 20 and no breakfast is served once school commences. 


Please ensure that learners are dressed neatly and are wearing the correct uniform. Each child is an ambassador for the school and we want to be continually proud of our school and learners. The days have been extremely hot and learners must wear a hat with an elastic band to prevent the hat from falling off and have a water bottle during physical activities.  

Looking forward to another successful year with all of you.

Yours in education

Dr R. Looyen (PHD)

Head of Preparatory School


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