Terms & Conditions Of Enrolment

img_8332On application, preference is given to learners who: 

  1. Demonstrate the greatest degree of participation in the academic, sporting and cultural activities offered by the school/s previously attended by them (where applicable).

  2. Will benefit the most from the subjects, activities and facilities offered by the School.

  3. Wish to receive their education in English and, thereafter, in order of preference, demonstrate the greatest ability to communicate in English, in both speech and writing.

  4. Have a good disciplinary record (including a good disciplinary record at any previous schools, where applicable).

  5. Fall within a range of two years of the age norm for the grade in question.

Please note that should we be unable to offer your child a placement, we will notify you in writing in this regard.
On entering the school, parents must sign a fees contract with Sandhurst Preparatory Pre- & Preparatory College, indicating acceptance of Sandhurst Preparatory Pre- & Preparatory College Philosophy and Mission Statement and Code of Conduct Failure to indicate acceptance of our policies will result in the application being cancelled. On entering the school, the parent of the learner must supply a transfer card from the previous school, if applicable. In the event of a learner entering the school mid-year, all portfolio and class work from the previous school must be provided. This is not negotiable.
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