Fee Structure

Fee Structure will be provided every year.

The accounts department will contact you should your account fall into arrears. If fees are still not paid after 30 days, your child will be suspended from classes such as Computers, Zulu, Art, Music and Physical Education (i.e All subjects that attract a larger financial strain on the school’s budget).

Our purpose is not to embarrass your child. Please make every effort to ensure we do not have to take this action. By the end of the term, when it is time to issue reports, a letter will be issued in place of the report. Accounts are to be settled or a payment arrangement is to be made before your child’s school report will handed over. This is to prevent accounts from falling into further arrears. Your child will be excluded at the end of the term as you are then determined to be in breach of the contract and you have failed to honour your contractual obligations to the school.

Fees are transferred out of Debtors into Bad Debts after 60 days, and the account is handed over for collection. All avenues will be explored in a sincere attempt to recover outstanding school fees. At this point, membership to Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College is retracted, and your child may no longer attend the school.

The school may also terminate the enrolment of learners in the event of continual late payment.

Offenders of late payment of school fees will receive a telephonic reminder, as well as a written warning. In the event of three written warnings, parents will be notified to seek an alternative institution for their child

Banking Details

Account Holder: Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College

Bank: Standard Bank

Account Number: 001955373

Branch Name and Code: Rosebank, 004205

Type of account: Current

Swift code: SBZAZAJJ and Universal code:051001

Reference: Child’s full name

Development and maintenance fee

The development and maintenance fee has been put in place to ensure the fast-tracked development of facilities for all learners. It must be paid no later than 30 days after acceptance, or your child’s place will be forfeited.

Notice of Departure

  • At least ONE TERM’S written notice must be given before departure; failing which, ONE TERM’S fees must be paid in lieu of notice A term constitutes four full calendar months.
  • If notice is to be given in last term, it is to be given on or before the 1st of September.
  • The only case where payment in lieu of notice will not apply, is if there is an agreement between the management of the school and the parents, that it will be in the best interest of the child to be moved at  short notice.
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