Why Sandhurst Preparatory College?

In this new world where there is very little if any time, least of all for learning through play or exploration and self-discovery – we need to stop. That’s right – just stop for a moment, stand still and breathe deeply. Look around you and remember all those things that you treasured most about your childhood: Remember back to a time before the Internet and DSTV. Before Wii, Playstation even before Pacman. Before cellphones, CD’s, DVD’s, voice mail and email. Go back – way, way, way back.

Do you remember playing hide ’n seek at dusk and Running Red Rover on the road outside your home? Can you recall laying soccer and hand ball until the first…no second………. no third…….. street light came on? How about playing ‘Ring around the Rosie’, ‘London Bridge’, ‘Hot potato’, ‘Hopscotch’, ‘Stuck in the Mud’ and ‘You’re IT!’ ? Parents stood on the patio or stoep and yelled (or whistled) for you to come home. No pagers or cell phones, no ipads and ipods.

Let your mind sweep over long forgotten ripples in time… Lying on the grass seeing shapes in the clouds. Endless summer days and hot summer nights (before air cons and load-shedding). Cooling down with the windows open. The sound of crickets/ running through the sprinkler/ but wait….there’s more.

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Your first day of big school, bedtime stories and whispered prayers and good-night kisses from Mom and Dad. Climbing trees, swinging as high as you could in those long swings to try and touch the sky, A million mozzie bites and sticky fingers, jumping down the steps, jumping on your bed, Pillow fights. Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt, Being tired from playing. Work Meant: taking out the rubbish, cutting the grass, washing the car, or doing the dishes. Your first crush. Your first kiss – One where you kept your mouth closed and your eyes wide open.

Let’s go back over the ripples of time when…..Decisions were made by going “Eeny-meeny-miney-mo”. Mistakes were corrected by simply explaining “Do over!” “Race Issues” meant arguing about who ran the fastest. Catching fire flies could happily occupy an entire evening. It wasn’t odd to have two or three best friends. Scraps and bruises were kissed by Mom and made better. Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling over was a cause for giggles. The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team. Water balloons were the ultimate, ultimate weapons. See those ripples of a by-gone era.

Okay so if you can remember most or all of these ripples then you have lived during more pleasant, simpler time and it is the ripples of those times we can learn to share with our learners – those we want to share with our learners

At Sandhurst Preparatory College we, as skilled, graduate Educators, want to ensure that we afford the precious boys and girls entrusted to our care similar opportunities that will create for them special memories to value and treasure as we have stored within us the ability to do so.

Our ‘boutique’ preparatory school environment will afford every boy and girl an intimate. specialist preparatory college learning environment, in the very heart of Sandton – Class sizes will be kept to a maximum of 24 so that every child is able to blossom and grow. Call today we would love to show you around our campus.

We help young people to become happy, confident and competent people of hope and personal integrity, with a deep sense of justice and compassion, and with a sense of social responsibility to positively contribute to and transform the world around them. We are united around a set of values that shape our vision and practice of education.