Student Academic Advisors


What is an Student Academic Advisor?

Your student academic adviser is here to make sure that you are aware of every opportunity available to you. Advisers provide guidance for developing and achieving meaningful educational, professional, and personal goals.Successful advising depends upon a shared understanding of, and commitment to, the advising process, by students, advisers, and the university. Academic advisers engage students in learning, promote students’ academic success, and foster students’ personal, ethical, and intellectual growth, all of which will carry into their roles as citizens, leaders, and lifelong learners.

Adviser Responsibilities

  • Being knowledgeable of, and communicating, the requirements of the academic programme in which he/she advises.
  • Monitoring students’ progress toward degree completion.
  • Being available to meet with students.
  • Referring students to appropriate academic support services.
  • Proactively involving students in the academic and sport planning process, self-reflection, and the exploration of options and resources.
  • Engaging in activities to stay informed of issues that affect student success.

Student (Advisee) Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the importance of their relationships with advisers.
  • Seeking out advisers, contacts, support services, and information on a regular basis.
  • Keeping their assigned adviser informed regarding academic issues and challenges.
  • Scheduling, preparing for, and keeping advising appointments.
  • Knowing and understanding the requirements of his/her individual school programme.
  • Taking final responsibility for making their own decisions according to the best information and advice available

Additional Therapeutic Services available if required

Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy – offered on site

For parent’s own account

Jaclyn Craig 082 550 6954

Speech therapy and language enrichment offered on site

For parent’own account

Rebecca Robinson 082 538 3722

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