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Sandhurst Preparatory College offers world-class education in a boutique-style school setting. We have small classes and highly skilled educators well-equipped to assist every girl and boy in attaining their personal best. We do so with integrity, expertise and compassion. Children derived benefit from individualized programmes that extend them in areas of strength and consolidate and enhance skills in areas of challenge. Sandhurst is the first choice for many parents as it offers their children the best preparatory education without compromising their unique passion, spirit and drive to succeed. Children need a myriad of opportunities to explore their learning environment – the more they are afforded opportunities to learn in a three-dimensional, concrete manner – the better they are at translating that learning into actionable acts at a later stage. Both girls and boys are encouraged to construct, create and challenge one another in an informal manner so that they are able to grasp that they control their learning and that, that learning has a function and purpose in their lives. We are preparing our girls and boys for a future where attributes of independence, collaboration and creativity are essential for them to be successful adults.




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